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You pay a premium for your high-quality loose leaf organic teas – so why not use a high-quality stylish tea infuser to steep your tea.

The micro-perforated mesh allows your tea leaves to receive an optimal amount of hot water to pull the aromatic flavor from your tea leaves.

You will be able to taste the characteristic flavors of your herbal teas including your:
flower varieties, natural berries, black and white teas, Rooibos Red and Green Teas and so many more…

The tall design of this tea infuser allows for easy scooping of just the right amount of your loose leaf tea.

The size also provides the perfect measurement for a large pot of tea or a cup of tea.

The sleek stylish design is pleasing to the eye.

Enjoy a relaxing moment in your day when you sit down to a hot, steaming mug of tea and your stylish, chic stainless steel tea infuser.

Know that not only are you nourishing your body with the scientifically proven health benefits of tea, but your mind as well when you take time out to enjoy a moment of peace in your day.

Don’t let another day go by without our high-quality, premium tea infuser.

A tea infuser also makes the perfect gift when combined with a cute tea cup or a package of premium loose leaf tea.
When you buy two or more you will receive a discount.

    • STYLISH DESIGN – The sleek design of this tea infuser is not only beautiful in design but provides for optimal steeping of your tea leaves. You pay more money for your premium tea leaves so don’t let that go to waste. Use a tea infuser that will get you the most flavor from your loose leaf teas, natural berry teas, fruit and flower teas.


    • PREMIUM LOOSE LEAF TEA INFUSER – Due to the mesh design of this tea infuser your tea leaves have more opportunity to interact with the hot water – making for a better-tasting cup of tea due to better leaf expansion which releases the characteristic flavors and aromas into your tea. Made with high-quality stainless steel which makes it rust-proof and will stand up to thousands of uses.


    • POT OF TEA, WORRY-FREE – Due to the handy hook on this infuser you can use it to make a whole pot of tea by hanging this on your pot. Or, you can also just make a single cup too and use it in your favorite tea mug. You can take your tea infuser out of your teapot or teacup without worrying about burning your fingers on the hot water due to the handy hook attached to this infuser.


100% GUARANTEE! We back up our tea infusers with a full money-back guarantee.

We want to ensure you are completely happy with your purchase and strive to provide you with a hassle-free experience.

So buy one or two today before they are sold out because you can never have too many tea infusers! – Click “Add to Cart” above to get yours today!


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