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6-cup Cupcake Pan


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“These Aren’t Your Grandmother’s Muffin Tins…!


You’ll love baking with these 6-Cup Professional-Grade Muffin Molds…guaranteed!

Don’t let another muffin baking session go by without using this superior quality muffin mold. If you’ve never tried baking with silicone you are in for one sweet surprise! The silicone used in our molds is FDA-approved for food-grade use. It is also BPA-free so no toxins will be released into your foods like a lot of plastic molds do. The non-stick surface makes it so its super easy to pop your muffins out of this mold and also makes for easy and quick clean up because you can put this mold into your dishwasher.

The durability of the silicone allows it to be flexible enough to bend when you need it to like in the dishwasher or for space-saving storage, but it will not lose its shape. Whether you choose to use this mold in your freezer to make mini ice-cream sandwiches, or in the oven for your favorite banana nut bread recipe, you will love the ease of use. And you will be delighted by how fresh-tasting your baked goods will be from the use of these molds that are both odor and stain resistant.

The Makimy Brand is about simplicity, comfort and beautiful design combined with superior materials to create high-quality products with the consumer in mind. All our products are eco-friendly and all packaging materials are made from recyclable materials.

All our products come with a warranty.

  • FLUFFY MUFFINS AT THEIR BEST!  – With the food-grade premium silicone in this muffin mold, your piping hot sweet banana nut muffins will come out tasting so fresh when baked in this muffin mold. Innovative technology makes the silicone odor and stain free resulting in better tasting food.
  • EASY CLEANUP – Once you pop your muffins out of this mold, you can just pop this mold into your dishwasher for quick cleanup. It will not warp or discolor with continuous dish wash use. You and your guests will be eating your hot breakfast muffins rather than spending time scrubbing burnt muffin tins.
  • NO TOXINS ALLOWED –Because the silicone used in the manufacturing of this product is FDA-approved it is also BPA-free. It will leave no toxic residues on your baked goods.
  • VERSATILE USES – In addition to muffins, cupcakes slide out of this mold with ease due to non-stick technology. And you can place your mold in the freezer for scrumptious ice cream cookie sandwiches. You can even pop them into the microwave oven. Due to the heat and cold resistant technology you will never have to worry about discoloration or warping of your mold.
  • PERFECT GIFT  – With our chic but simple packaging design, made from recycled materials your muffin baker will be pleased as punch to receive this mold as a gift.

So pick up these muffin molds today before the Muffin Man buys us out for the holidays!


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