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Grill Brush 18″


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Product Description

“Never Open Your Grill Top To Be Surprised By A Dirty Grill Ever Again!”

This ergonomic, environmentally-minded manufactured, easy-to-use and does-what-it-promises-to-do, heavy duty BBQ Grill Brush is so powerful and simple to use you will fall in love with cleaning your grill!


You have not cleaned your barbecue grill properly until you have used our BBQ Grill Brush to do it! We believe in manufacturing high-quality products that our both ergonomic in design and environmentally-friendly produced.

With this BBQ Grill Brush you will enjoy cleaning your grill due to the non-slip comfort grip of the handle. And because you have a grill brush with rounded edges and wider bristles than most brushes you don’t have to spend all night scrubbing your grill. In fact, because this grill brush covers a wider area of your grill when cleaning we bet you can have your grill not only cleaned but the grill brush cleaned too by the time your partner has put your hot-grilled food on the table. It’s that fast and easy. And clean-up is so simple you only need to run your brush under warm tap water after every use. Use stainless steel hook on handle for quick storage of your brush when you are done.

Your new grill brush can be used on any type of grill or smoker including: Gas, Charcoal, Electric, Smokers, Porcelain Grills or Hibachis.

Want better tasting barbecue? How does a grill brush have anything to do with this? Well, using a brush designed of double thickness, stainless steel with wider bristles and that cover the entire length of the brush top ensures that every nook and cranny of your grill is reached and cleaned.

Most grill brushes gunk up with grease and charcoal and as a results can’t perform properly to get a squeaky clean grill. But our brush can! And a cleaner grill means your food won’t be contaminated by last weekend’s meal. You’ll be amazed at the difference in the taste of your food by using our grill brush.

And unlike our competitors who only have single thickness and one clip grill brushes – we provide extra thick steel and an extra clip on the grill brush for higher quality and longer lasting tools. This grill brush won’t bend or break after prolonged use unlike our competitors.

So what more can you ask for in a grill brush that keeps your grill looking like new, makes cleaning your grill fun and improves the taste of your grilled food! I dare you to try and find a better BBQ Grill Brush than Makimy’s.


  • Grill Cleaning Made Fun! – The ergonomic design of this grill brush was designed with your hand in mind. Non-slip grip eliminates any worry of burning your fingers on a hot grill & a soft handle makes cleaning your grill comfortable, easy & fun. You’ll be fighting over who gets to clean the grill!
  • No More Nubby Grill Brushes! – Due to the premium quality material of our brush, the double thick stainless steel & high-quality bristles make for a longer-lasting grill brush. No more wearing down your grill brush to a nub after just one summer. This brush will last you for years of grilling use.
  • Cover More Grill In Less Time – With the efficient design of the rounded brush & oversized bristles you can clean a larger area of the grill in less time than with ordinary grill brushes. You’ll have your grill cleaned by the time it takes your partner to put your barbecue on the table.
  • Want To Keep Your Grill In Like New Condition? You can do that with our grill brush. By using our high-quality grill brush after each use of your grill, you will prolong the life of your grill. Your friends will wonder what’s your secret to keeping it looking like new…?
  • Cleaning Is A Breeze! – Not only is cleaning your grill never been so easy – but so is cleaning your new grill brush. All you have to do is run it under warm water after each use. That’s it! We wouldn’t sell you a tool that would be more difficult to clean than its intended use…you’ll love it!

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