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Silicone Basting Brush set


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Product Description

“Pastry Brushes That Make It Fun To Baste & Brush With!”

These aren’t your grandma’s pastry brushes…

These innovative pastry brushes are what make the Makimy Brand so special. With premium eco-friendly materials and the chic gray and orange design we are known for, you’ll see the Makimy difference when you get this set.

Professional food-grade quality means your brushes will stand up to heat of 446⁰F / 230⁰C without melting or warping. The silicone bristles pick up more of your savory marinades and glazes for better coverage. It also means they’re FDA-approved and BPA-free so no toxins will be left in your food. And they are odor and stain resistant so you can be confident that every time you use your brushes you won’t be transferring any leftover odors or flavors from food to food.

These durable, long-lasting brushes and sleek design make a perfect gift for the expert baker. Packaged in our beautifully designed cardboard made with recycled materials you are sure to get a big thank you from the recipient.

  • Fun, Fun, Fun! – Who knew it could be so fun to use pastry brushes? This set of professional-grade brushes will have you creating extra pastries and meats to baste because they’re just so much fun to use. You’ll feel like you’re creating a work of art every time you use your brushes – and you are!
  • Beautiful Design & Comfort – The tres´ chic gray design combined with the silicone-coated handles provide beauty and comfort when using these as pastry brushes or for basting.
  • Why Silicone? – Not only do these brushes stand up to the heat and cold you can pop them in the dishwasher for easy clean-up. Food-grade silicone is a great alternative to typical vinyl brushes which end up leaving bristles in your food. That won’t happen with these brushes.
  • Efficient – The silicone in these bristles picks up more of your liquid for better coverage. Use for egg washes, sauces, marinades – these are the perfect tool for spreading your favorite glaze.
  • Easy Cleanup – You can pop these pastry brushes into your dishwasher for fast and easy cleaning.

  • Pick these up now before the holidays because these innovative brushes will sell out fast!


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