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Barbecue and Oven Gloves

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Product Description

WARNING! These Grill Gloves Can Take The heat!

The BEST and Latest Protection Wear To Guarantee Total Safety


Perfect for:
• Barbecue, Grill, Oven, Kitchen, Microwave, Baking, Fireplace, Welding, Handling Hot Objects
• Design for turning over burgers and steaks, holiday turkey or pot roast, tray of cookies or red-hot racks from your smoker
• Handle hot items for extended periods of time, Guaranteed burn protection up to 650⁰f heat

The gloves:
• 2 Gloves -1 size fits most!
• Five-fingers perfect flexi-grip
• Finest knitted double-layer
• Light in weight
• Fits either right or left hand with non-slip gripping
• Machine washable, easy to clean
• They are comfortable, flexible and long-lasting

• Outer layer – insulated by Nomex and Kevlar fibers which slowing down the rise of temperature
• Highest quality with silicone dots coated on both sides for extra protection

• Inside layer – soft 100% quality cotton liner for comfort
• White hang cloth loop to hang the gloves for easy storage.


✔︎ • WHAT TYPE OF HEAT PROTECTION? Firefighters wear the same material used in these grill gloves. Nomex and Kevlar fibers when combined slow the rise of temperatures when handling hot items. You won’t get burned using these gloves – guaranteed!

✔︎ • 2 GLOVES – 1 SIZE FITS MOST! These are heavy-duty use gloves but are lightweight and easy to slip on. They don’t fit too snug so you don’t have to worry about hand fatigue and cover your wrists so no fear of burn when reaching into a hot oven.

✔︎ • NEED TO MOVE HOT RACKS IN YOUR SMOKER OR OVEN? No problem with these grill gloves – they won’t melt! Nomex fibers are naturally heat-resistant and thicken when exposed to heat providing more protection between the fire and your skin.

✔︎ • EXCELLENT GRIP! Never worry about that baking dish slipping out of your hands again! The silicone strips on both sides of the gloves and fingers provide slip-resistance that gives you the confidence you need when handling very hot dishes.

✔︎ • COOL COMFORT PROTECTION – The 100% cotton lining in these gloves provides comfort and allows the material to breathe so there’s enough air circulation so your hands won’t sweat in the summer or during high heat grilling.


Don’t let another BBQ grilling or oven baking moment go by without having the ultimate burn protection for your hands!

We Offer 100% RISK FREE No-Questions Asked Lifetime Free Replacement Guarantee.
Try the Grill Glove Pro today – RISK FREE – before they’re sold out!

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