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30 Cavity Chocolate Mold


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“The Best Candy Molds That Produce Sweet Candy Perfection!”

Produce a wide variety of cute and fun shapes with this premium Silicone 30-Cavity Candy Mold with ease and say goodbye to the candy-making mess once and for all…

Your search for the best candy cavity molds ends here. This is a perfect addition to your kitchen. Unlike our competitors whose cheap knock-offs will melt or warp after just a few uses – we only use professional food-grade FDA-approved silicone to create these fantastic candy molds. You can become the next Willy Wonka with this super premium quality 30-Cavity Variety Silicone Candy Mold.

Unleash your creativity with the option of five different shapes times’ six rows; that is 30 candies in 5 different shapes at one time! Your options for creation are endless, whether it is chocolates, petit fours, fondant, gummies, mints, jellies, hard candies, and so much more – you will be cranking out the candy in no time while you pop out chocolates or hard candies with ease due to the non-stick silicone and flexibility provided. No more banging your candy molds on your kitchen counter and ending up with broken molds and worse yet broken candy. Just flip over your mold after your candy has cooled and your candy will pop right out due to the easy release of the silicone.

This food-grade silicone will leave your candy tasting as sweet as possible since it is odor and stain resistant. No more icky residue left over from your last candy-baking session. And you can place these molds wherever you need to – the refrigerator, freezer, oven and even microwave. They are guaranteed to not lose their shape or become warped or defective with continued use.

And for fast clean up so you can get on to decorating your delicious confections, when you are done baking and cooling you can just pop this cavity mold into your dishwasher. Your clean up really is that easy!

Whether you are creating sweet chocolate perfection, or yummy gummies and holiday jellies you will be surprised at the ease of creating your own sweet confections with our premium silicone candy mold.

  • UNLEASH YOUR SWEET CREATIVITY – With our food-grade premium silicone candy mold you will have a limitless supply of chocolates and sweet candies galore. Non-stick silicone makes popping your candy out of the mold fun and easy. No more ooey-gooey messes with our easy candy molds.
  • EASY-PEASY CLEANUP – Because you can put this candy mold into your dishwasher you will be done cleaning up and ready to start decorating your candy in seconds flat. And you will not have to worry about scrubbing hard baked on candy or burnt chocolate off our molds. The slip-resistant silicone means dishwasher cleaning is all you will need to have your mold come out sparkling clean.
  • HIGH-QUALITY SILICONE – Our premium-quality silicone is heat resistant up to 446°F/230°C so it will not melt in your baking oven or your microwave. And it is also cold resistant down to -40°F/-40°C so it will not crack or warp. And our innovative technology makes it odor and stain free so you will not need to worry about having leftover residue flavors transferring to your new candies.
  • VERSATILE USES – Feel free to use your candy mold in your freezer, refrigerator, dishwasher, oven and even your microwave oven. You can be rest assured that your new mold will last for years of baking and freezing usage as well as standing up to multiple cleanings in your dishwasher. Our candy mold quality is really that good!
  • SPACE-SAVING STORAGE – You will no longer have to figure out how to fit your hard candy molds into small spaces. Our flexible silicone candy mold will fit anywhere you need it to. You can roll it up or hold in half for storage and it will still retain its shape.

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