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3 Piece BBQ & Grill Tool Set

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“You Are Not A Master Griller Until You’ve Used Our Grill Tools!”

Grill in comfort & style with our exclusive high-quality, premium, stainless-steel 3 Piece Grill Set Tools.

Chic, simple, beautiful design combined with high-quality materials is what the Makimy brand name is all about. Our grill tools our definitely high-end without the high price! Soft gray hand grips with orange accents provide style to your BBQ Tools. We believe in quality products that provide comfort and style. Our 3 Piece BBQ Grill Tools were made with you the barbecue expert/enthusiast in mind. Because they were designed for your comfort your hands and fingers will not tire when grilling. And because they are so comfortable when using you will look forward to grilling over and over again.

The premium materials used in our products mean daily usage will not put wear and tear on your tools. They will last for many grilling seasons and years of use.


  • Professional Grade 3-Piece Set – You get our heavy-duty, superior made tongs, spatula with serrated edges for tenderizing or cutting meat & BBQ fork in this professional grade set. After just one grilling session with our tools you’ll be looking forward to your next BBQ grilling session – they’re that good.
  • Don’t Get Burned! – With these high-quality, stainless-steel, just-the-perfect-length grill tools you’ll never have to worry about feeling the heat while grilling again. But they’ll keep you close enough to your ribs to create BBQ perfection…Don’t be grilling without them!
  • Grill Better Than Your Neighbor “In-Style” – Superior grill tools mean superior food. Not only is the quality of our tool set bar-none but you’ll be grilling in style with these beautifully & simply designed tools. Soft gray non-slip hand grips with orange accents provide flair to your BBQ tools.
  • Never Drop Another Piece Of Meat Again! – With the ergonomic design, comfort hand grips & the extra thickness of the steel your tools won’t bend under pressure. And slip-resistant hand grips combined with quality steel ensures you will hang-on to that precious meat no matter how many beers you’ve had.
  • Easy Clean-Up – You can put our outside use grill tools inside your dishwasher for quick & easy cleanup! No scrubbing or hand washing needed-always a plus when it comes to cleanup time.


Try our 3 Piece Tool Set Today Before They’re sold out!


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