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12 Silicone Cupcake Set


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Product Description

“Once You Go With Silicone Cupcake Liners – You Won’t Go Back…!”

Throw out your paper cupcake liners and never have to buy new ones again when you pick up these easy-to-bake with 12- Piece Silicone Cupcake Set.


Most people have never used silicone in their cooking or baking. Well, we say you MUST try these then, because once you do you will never use paper, wax paper, tin foil, or paper liners of any kind every again. This is a 12-Piece Silicone Cupcake set with the Makimy simple but beautiful design of gray and orange. You will receive 6 gray cups and 6 orange cups. Put the fun back in baking with these superior quality, food-grade heat and cold resistant cups.

Why do you need our cupcake liners? Because you will be able to bake your holiday cupcakes, birthday cupcakes, and breakfast muffins with ease. No more worrying about not having enough or any cupcake liners in the pantry at all. When you have these silicone liners you can use these over and over again and never have to throw them out! And they are so easy to clean. Because of the non-stick silicone there is no scrubbing involved and you can pop these cupcake liners into the dishwasher for easy cleanup.

Unlike our competitors, we only use professional, food-grade, FDA-approved silicone in the manufacturing of our cupcake liners. Where our competitor’s cupcake liners will warp and crumble over time due to the cheaper quality of their silicone – ours will not!

And storage is so easy for our cupcake liners. Unlike muffin pans where you need to place them in a flat space, usually under other bulky items, or even in the oven for storage – you can just nest these on top of each other and place them in your cupboard.

We promise you that you will have so much fun baking cupcakes, muffins and more in our liners that you will be telling your friends all about us!


  • A Must For All Your Cupcake Needs – If you have never baked with silicone before you are going to be in for a big surprise. These silicone cupcake liners means you never have to use paper again! You don’t even have to use a cupcake pan either-you can just place these liners on a cookie sheet and pour the batter in. So easy!
  • Cupcake Yumminess! – Because these liners are made from food-grade silicone they don’t leave any residue or funny tastes on your cupcakes. The silicone used is FDA-approved and BPA-free so you don’t need to worry that any toxins will leak into your food.
  • Versatile Uses – You can use these for more than just baking cupcakes. Think mini-birthday cakes, ice cream cookies, jello molds, put them in your or your kid’s bento lunch boxes for a stylish and convenient food storage – the list is endless…
  • Simple & Fast Clean-Up – This non-stick silicone means not only do you not need to use cooking spray on them (you can but you don’t need to) but it also means you can just throw them in your dishwasher for easy clean-up.
  • Use Them Everywhere – These are temperature resistant for -40⁰F/446⁰F or-40⁰C/230⁰C so you can use them in the freezer, refrigerator, oven and microwave. These won’t melt, warp, stain or lose their color.

Get these chic Silicone Cupcake Liners NOW before they are Completely Sold Out!


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