Perfect Grilled Souvlaki

Perfect Grilled Souvlaki

One of my favorite meals to order at Greek Restaurants is perfect, tender, and juicy Pork Souvlaki. It’s usually served with greek salad, tzatziki, pita, and fries- but the grilled pork kebabs make a delicious, easy meal at home, too!


Perfect grilled souvlaki- the secret to juicy, flavorful pork is this easy preparation method!


The balance of garlic and lemon make this grilled pork truly one of the most delicious meals ever! And really, what is better than lemon and garlic grilled pork?


One pork shoulder, cut into rough 3″ cubes
four lemons, zested and juiced
dry oregano
8 garlic cloves
garlic powder
olive oil


  • Step 1

Cut pork and combine with ingredients and marinade for one-two days. Remove pork from chill-chest two hours prior to cooking and bring to room temperature.

  • Step 2

Soak wooden skewers for one hour prior to cooking. Light a hot, charcoal fire.

  • Step 3

Put pork on wet skewers. Cook over hot, charcoal fire until done, about 160 degrees F.

  • Step 4

Serve with lemon wedges and tatziki.

Grilled souvlaki- this is one of my favorite summer meals!
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