Mario’s Meatloaf

Mario’s Meatloaf

Whether a full blown meal like my lasagna, macaroni and cheese or now this meatloaf, I am ever-at-the ready for a table full of people… or a table full of hungry adolescents—since that is really what I am prepping for.

There are a lot of little sauces and stocks, bread crumbs, misc. prepped items and full-blown meals in my freezer. Now each time I find a new one to add, I feel that much more prepared to snag whatever is necessary to make meal-prep smooth and easy. Tell me, what is in your freezer?






1 LB ground beef (veal works too)
1 LB ground pork
2 cups fresh bread crumbs (I prefer making my own rosemary bread-crumbs and store bags of them in my freezer)
i cup freshly grated Pecorino or Parmesan
3 large eggs
Coarse Salt & Pepper
4 oz. spinach
2 carrots cut into 1/2 inch matchsticks
Drained, then chopped sundried tomatoes (stored in oil)
3 T flour
3 T bread crumbs
4-6 slices Prosciutto
6 slices or matchsticks of soft cheese (I used young pecorino, you could use Provolone, Jack, Mozzarella…)
1/2 cup olive oil


pan with roseamary



  • Step 1

Grab a big bowl and add: meats, bread crumbs, cheese, eggs, S&P. Mix thoroughly, cover and put in fridge.

  • Step 2

Oven 400; boil water, add some salt to water, set up an ice bath (bowl of cold water with ice) and cook spinach for less than a minute, then put in ice bath, then drain on paper towels.

  • Step 3

Do the same with the carrots, but cook for 5-6 minutes–ice bath–drain. Combine 3 T flour and bread crumbs and spread on piece of parchment—on counter.

  • Step 4

Roll meat mixture onto flour/crumb mix, into a 6×16 inch rectangle. Leaving 1 inch on both short ends, lay prosciutto, then spinach, cheese, tomatoes and carrots.

  • Step 5

USE parchment to help your roll up the meatloaf (the long way). Layer rosemary in bottom of baking dish, place meatloaf on a top and drizzle with olive oil.

  • Step 6

Bake 1 hour (internal temp 165). Remove from oven, and let meatloaf rest. Transfer pan juices to skillet and simmer to reduce. Season to taste—serve with slices of meatloaf.





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