How to Cook Chicken

How to Cook Chicken

Grilling and Pan Frying

Chicken breasts are the whitest and leanest part of the meat and are ideal cuts for grilling and pan frying with a little oil.

Grilling is a super healthy way of cooking chicken as the grill rack keeps it above any fat, allowing it to drain away.

If pan frying, remove the skin from the chicken first and use small amounts of oil.  Always drain on absorbent paper, like paper towel.


Stews and Casseroles

The long slow cooking process of stews and casseroles is ideal for the tougher cuts of meat, making them tender and bringing out the flavors.  One of the advantages of cooking with chicken is that it cooks quicker than other types of meat.

Whether the cooking is done on the stove-top or oven, or even a combination of both, doesn’t really matter.   They all follow the same principle.

Casseroling is all about retaining moist heat, and as long as the dish is covered to prevent the steam from escaping the chicken will be moist and tender.

Most of the recipes require little preparation, and with the help of seasonings, vegetables and a few pantry staples, you will always have a tasty, bubbling hot chicken meal.



Chicken roasts needn’t be plain and boring.  There are so many different roast recipes. With the addition of herbs and spices a roast can be turned into a fabulous feast.   Add some vegetables or fruit to the roasting pan.



Chicken can be baked whole or in pieces and baking is one of the healthiest methods.   Season your bird with herbs or cover with a glaze.

When baking chicken breasts it’s best to leave the skin on to prevent the meat from drying out.  You can always remove the skin after baking to keep it healthy.


Stir Frying

Stir frying is a boon for anyone looking for quick, easy and healthy recipes.  The secret is to prepare all the ingredients beforehand, then quickly toss the food in a hot wok or frying pan.

Always take care when stir frying that the food is just cooked, not overcooked, otherwise your chicken will be tough.

Chicken strips are ideal for stir frying.    They cook quickly and require very little fat making them super healthy.    Add some herbs, spices, sauces and finely chopped or sliced vegetables and you have an instant meal.


The strong flavors of a marinade combine well with the delicate flavour of chicken meat.

Marinating has the added advantage of tenderising the meat, so the drier cuts such as the breast can be used.


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