Fig & Brie Appetizers

Fig & Brie Appetizers

One of the defining features of our front yard is a giant fig tree. Each summer we harvest over 100 figs and many of these get turned into delicious jam.

We’ve learned that strawberry-fig jam is the best combination as it creates a bit more complex and sweet flavor. Today I am sharing a delicious recipe with all of you that features this amazing jam.

Fig and Brie Appetizers by Simply {Darr}ling for

This Fig & Brie appetizer is perfect year round; when enjoyed during the middle of winter it can be a glimpse into summer and the memories of glorious sunshine and warmth.



Sliced Baguette
Strawberry – Fig Jam
Brie or other soft cheese



  • Step 1

On each slice of baguette, cover in jam and some soft cheese. I used brie for my appetizers as it is one of my favorite soft cheeses. If you have a different favorite soft cheese, it would work just as well.

  • Step 2

Baking them for a few minutes at 350 degrees is also an option to make the bread a bit crispier and melt the cheese.


Fig and Brie Appetizers by Simply {Darr}ling for


These appetizers are very simple to make and great†for a party. The jam and cheese are the perfect mix of sweet and savory. Plus everything tastes better on a baguette!


Fig and Brie Appetizers by Simply {Darr}ling for

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