6 Crazy BBQ Techniques to Bust Out This Weekend

6 Crazy BBQ Techniques to Bust Out This Weekend

BBQ isn’t just charcoal and grill-lines… it’s smoke wood flavors and banana leaf sweetness. Heck, it’s cooking an entire bird over a can of beer! With the temperatures rising and the grills emerging, it’s time to up your BBQ game with these 6 techniques!



TIP #1

Use Smoke Wood

For anyone looking to enter the BBQ big leagues, smoke wood is your ticket in. To cook with smoke wood, you’ll need to understand the difference between chips/chunks/logs and types of wood.

Once you’ve learned the basics, you’ll be able to place different woods amongst burning charcoal to produce those quintessential BBQ flavors we all know and love (think mesquite, apple wood, and hickory).



TIP #2

Beer Can Chicken

There’s no shame in indulging in a brewski while grilling… especially when it makes things juicy! Beer can chicken is an efficient and hilarious way to cook a whole bird over the grill.

You just have to season your chicken, place it cavity down onto half a light lager, and cook it over indirect heat, covered for about an hour with a pan underneath to catch the drippings. Cheers!



TIP #3

TIP #4

Use a Brick

Yup, literally wrap a (fresh) brick in tin foil and use it as a weight or to prop up pieces of meat. When placed atop a butterflied bird, you’ll achieve all-round crackling skin, or get crispy sides on smaller chicken pieces by propping them against the brick. You’ll thank us later.


TIP #5

Foil Wrapping

Beef isn’t the only thing that’s for dinner, people. Try foil cooking and you’ll see all of the flavorful possibilities unfold before your eyes! Foil works great with chicken and fish, especially when you throw down some citrus and herbs. Just place your protein of choice on top of lemon wedges (and onions, for anyone interested), throw on the grill, and cook until done. The foil keeps the juices from escaping, so you’ll be swimming in flavor!


TIP #6


One of the most straightforward ways to cook for a BBQ (aside from placing a hunk of meat directly on the grill), kebabs are a superb way to diversify your menu. With the ability to vary marinades and flavors for your meats and veggies, kebabs are a great crowd-pleaser and as easy as 1, 2, 3 aka marinate, skewer, cook! Pro tip: Soak wooden skewers for 30 minutes prior to grilling or else they may get incinerated.




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